Disc Golf Worlds Finland 2025
PDGA Worlds will be held from July 30 to August 3, 2025

The first set of 2025 Pro Worlds merchandise has been released!

Starting today, you have the chance to claim a piece of the historic PDGA Pro Worlds 2025: The first set of official PDGA Pro Worlds 2025 discs has just been released!

These discs feature the stunning PDGA Pro Worlds 2025 logo, applied to some of Discmania’s fan-favorite discs.

Tournament Director Jussi Meresmaa explained in the press release: “The logo embodies the essence of Finland—its pristine nature and the spirit of a grand sports event. The design features arcs that mimic the rim and flight path of a disc golf disc, a nod to the uniqueness of our sport. The color scheme of blue and white represents Finland, while gold adds a touch of prestige that the championships deserve.”

Shop the official PDGA Worlds merchandise: Discmania Store (US) & Discmania Store Europe.